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New In – Tutts Clump Cider

Tutts Range @Ciderlicious

New In – Tutts Clump Cider

We’re now stocking Tutts Clump Cider. We have most of their range and it’s already sparking interest. We’re not surprised really and we’re looking forward to building on these great Ciders from @tuttsclumpcider ,


About Tutts Clump Cider

Tutts Clump is a small village in the civil parish of Bradfield in the English county of Berkshire. It is 8 miles from the centre of Reading

Since 2006 the Wale family have been making award-winning Cider and Perry with full juice from Real fruit.

Tutts Clump Cider is a family business that was set up in 2006 by Tim Wale. Tim (who is an Agricultural/Motor Engineer by trade) was born in the hamlet of Tutts Clump, West Berkshire in 1957 and still lives there. Tim is assisted by his wife and five daughters – two of whom are full time.

Cider making started as a hobby with production of some 25 litres. By 2013 they were using around 90 tonnes of home counties grown apples and crafting some 60,000 litres of Proper Cider which is increasing year on year (71,000 litres in 2019). They do not filter, pasturise or carbonate their products and the only additives are sucralose and sulphites in small quantities. They do everything in house and package in bottles, cans, bag in box, pouches, casks and kegs.

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