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Cider subscription

Join our monthly subscription service

Get proper craft cider every month?

With our Cider Subscription service you’re in control. You can choose from a range of cider boxes with 6 or 12 bottles and if you want to change the selection, pause the subscription for a month or cancel your subscription, you can do. Your card is charged each month for the case that you have selected so you can move between 6 or 12 bottles, the choice is yours and this is easily to do from within the dashboard of your account.

So you really do have complete control of your subscription with us.

How it works

Step 1

Choose the cider box that you would like

We offer a wide selection of cider boxes with either 6 or 12 lovely craft bottles in. With such a variety you are spoilt for choice.

Step 2

We will dispatch your box of CIder to you

Once you have purchased your cider box we will process the order and dispatch it and the cider box will arrive the next day.

Step 3

a month Later its delivered Again

You will get an email from us giving you 5 days notice that the order will be processed again so if you want to change your selection, pause or cancel you can.

Step 4

Keep track of your subsciption

You can login to your account on our website and keep track of your orders and subscription, change your Cider selection each month if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have selected the box of cider that you would like you will go to the checkout and complete the purchase of this. Our website will send you 2 emails, one is confirmation of your order, and the 2nd is the password to your account.

Your next, and all subsequent cider boxes will be sent to you roughly on the same day each month, except where that day is at a weekend when we will dispatch it on the Monday. 

You log in to your account and click change. You will then be invited to select a new case and once you have selected that you click “Subscribe”. On the date of your subscription renewal, the system will then generate the order for that cider box and charge your card with the new amount.


This means that you can increase or decrease your subscription amount.

Login to your account on the Ciderlicious website, click on the subscription tab and you will see your current selection. Then you click cancel and your subscription is cancelled. You may still receive occasional marketing emails, but you can unsubscribe from those when one arrives.

We use the payment gateways, Stripe & PayPal, so it's up to you which one you want to use. The important thing is that al the card information is stored on their system, not ours. If you choose Stripe then you enter the details in via our website page and it is stored in their system, and if you choose PayPal you will be transferred to the PayPal system. 

Both are linked so if you cancel the subscription it immediately updates the relevant systems.

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